Common Name: Darlington oak Circumference: 261
Species: Height: 76
Scientific Name: Quercus hemisphaerica Crown: 108
Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia Points: 364
Status: alive Last Measured: 2012
National Champion: yes Last Measured by: Jerry Wyatt, Kelli Armes, Christina Woodson
Comments: CBH measured at 2.5 ft. This tree was misidentified as Q. laurifolia until 2011, when acorn samples were sent to National Arboretum.

Jeff Kirwan 2012
Location of Tree
Tree is located in: City of Richmond Land Owner: Maymont Foundation
GPS Coordinates: N 37.53609 W 77.47650 Owner Email:
Map on file at Maymont.

Owner Address:
2201 Shields Lake Ct
Richmond, VA 23220

Owner Phone: 804-358-7166
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Contact Name: Peggy Singlemann Permission to Advertise: Yes
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Original Nominator(s): Peggy Singlemann
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