Common Name: dwarf hackberry Circumference: 64
Species: 0.99122807 Height: 38
Scientific Name: Celtis tenuifolia Crown: 44
Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia Points: 113
Status: alive Last Measured: 2017
National Champion: no Last Measured by: Greg Zell and Matt Barker
Comments: New national champ in 2010. One of a number of dwarf hackberries growing in the Alexandria National Cemetery complex. The cemetery, in Old Town Alexandria, is home to a number of historic grave sites and old tree specimens. Tree is generally healthy, but growing in a comprimised location - along a roadway curb and hedge boundary to the cemetery. This specimen may be at risk in future due to location.

Location of Tree
Tree is located in: City of Alexandria Land Owner: City of Alexandria
GPS Coordinates: N 38.80003 W 77.05483 Owner Email: 703-746-4654
The Alexandria National Cemetery is in Old Town Alexandria. This tree is growing on the edge of cemetery at the intersection of South Payne St. and Gibbon St.

Owner Address:
Department of Natural Resources, 2900-A Business Center Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Owner Phone:
Contact Information
Contact Name: Matt Barker Permission to Advertise: Yes
Contact Email: Contact Address:

Contact Phone:
Contact Info: Matt Barker is an arborist for the City of Alexandria
Original Nominator(s): Rod Simmons, Greg Zell
Other Nominators: