Support the Virginia Big Tree Program

Are you passionate about big trees? Do you want to contribute to our mission of documenting and protecting big trees? Click a panel to learn how you can help support the Virginia Big Tree Program.

Are you looking to support a conservation program with a 45 year history of educating the Commonwealth about big trees? Please consider making a donation, large or small, to support our activities. Your contribution will enable us to keep the Virginia Big Tree Register up to date, maintain our website, and offer educational programs around the state. Here’s how your contribution will be used:

  • Support our annual student intern

  • Purchase tree measuring equipment for volunteers

  • Reimburse volunteers for mileage to measure trees

  • Produce outreach materials for educating the public

Please email us or call us (540-231-7671) today and we’ll arrange your tax-deductible donation through Virginia Tech Giving.

  • Volunteer to measure and report big trees

    To keep the Virginia Big Tree Register up to date, our staff and volunteers must recertify about 100 big trees annually. Recertifying big trees is a very enjoyable hobby. It engages your mind, body, and spirit. Many of the big trees are located on historical properties or in unusual ecosystems. What better way to spend an afternoon with family or friends? If you are interested in becoming Big Tree Volunteer, please email us. We’ll provide training and measurement tools.

  • Volunteer to care for big trees

    One of the biggest threats to big trees is neglect. Sure, mother nature takes pretty good care of them, but sometimes they need our help. Two of the most common threats we see to big trees are invasive vines and soil compaction. Fortunately, most everyone can help out with snipping some vines or spreading some mulch over the roots. If you’re a professional arborist, you might consider donating your services to care for a tree in your community. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, please email us to see if a big tree in your community needs some care.

  • Volunteer to teach others about big trees

    One of our greatest needs is outreach to the public about trees, both big and small. Are you a former educator? Do you like talking to people? Then you should consider doing presentations or field tours about big trees in your community. In Virginia Cooperative Extension, we have adult and youth education programs through Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, and 4-H. If you are interested in educating your community about big trees, please email us and we will put you in contact with one of these groups.