Tree Information

Common Name: swamp white oak

Scientific Name: Quercus bicolor

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Status: dead

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: no

Circumference: 228 in.

Height: 89 ft.

Crown: 98 ft.

Points: 342

Date Last Measured: 2017

Last Measured by: Greg Zell

Date First Measured: 2007

Comments: Due to anxiety about the tree possibly failing and causing property damage, the owner had the tree cut down in February 2021. A rough count growth rings in one of the trunks got back to at least the Civil War. The tree was large back then and had sprouted from a cut stump.

Circumference measured at 1 ft. above ground. This tree is growing in an old floodplain section of historic Alexandria. It appears to be healthy, but is growing in a highly urbanized residential neighborhood. No historical significance or immediante threats known. 2017:Tree has been a recent nominee as National Champion and represents a significant historical remnant of the former bottomland forest in this built up urban community. Tree's health appears stable, little to no deadwood present, existing cables in crown still in place. Historical remnant of original forest.


Location of Tree

Tree is located in: City of Alexandria

State Map

Land Owner: City of Alexandria

GPS Coordinates: 38.83389, -77.05424

Owner Email:

Directions: Tree is located in front of apartments at 211 East Glebe Road in the City of Alexandria, only several blocks off Jefferson Davis Highway (Rt.1). Growing on public right-of-way between private apartments and sidewalk. Can be noticed from several blocks away.

Owner Address: Div. of Natural Resources 2900-A Business Center Dr.

Alexandria, VA. 22314

Owner Phone: 703-746-4654

Contact Information

Contact Name: Matthew Barker

Contact Email:

Contact Address: Div. of Natural Resources 2900-A Business Center Dr.

Alexandria, VA. 22314

Contact Phone: 703-746-4654

Contact Info: 2007 measured by Simmons, Parrish and Zell


Original Nominator(s): Greg Zell

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