Tree Information

Common Name: northern red oak

Scientific Name: Quercus rubra

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 1277

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 285 in.

Height: 116 ft.

Crown: 118 ft.

Points: 431

Date Last Measured: 2020

Last Measured by: Kevin Sigmon, Bill Worrell, Eric Wiseman

Date First Measured: 2008

Declared national champion in 2018 and recognized in 2019 as national co-champion, sharing title with a tree in Ohio. Dethroned in 2020 because of error in height measurement (see below). This tree was nominated by 4-H member Jacob Heath as part of a big tree contest held in Washington County in 2008.

2020 update: A check-up on the tree in June shows that it is still thriving. The canopy is full, lush, and few dead branches. Cattle grazing around the tree is intense, but this has been going on for decades and does not seem to be impacting its health. The tree's height was checked with a laser hypsometer during this visit and found to be shorter than the 2018 measurement of 131' with a clinometer. This error was instigated by the steep terrain and broad crown of the tree, and points out the limitations of measuring tree height with a clinometer, even when used by an expert. The hypsometer height of 116' was subsequently confirmed with recent LiDAR data. Unfortunately, this height revision will drop the score below a tie with the Ohio tree for national champion.

2018 update: The tree appears to be relatively healthy. There are some lower dead branches but this does not appear to affect the overall health of the tree. No obvious cavities at the base of the tree. There appears to be a den cavity on the north side of the tree approximately 15' off the ground.

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Kevin Sigmon 2018

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Washington

State Map

Land Owner: David Haviland

GPS Coordinates: 36.69891, -81.77228

Directions: 34410 Bucks Bridge Road, Glade Spring, VA 24340. Exit 29, south on Rt 91 towards Damascus. In the Lodi community, turn left on Rt 731 (Bucks Bridge Road). House is approximately 1/2 mile on the right. Use the farm road on the far left side of the property. After 100 yards, go through gate and keep gate closed. After approximately 1/4 mile on farm road, veer right and proceed through valley in pasture field. The tree is approximately 0.4 mile past where you veer right. It is among a sparse stand of other oaks and hickories.

Owner Phone: 276-698-5558

Contact Information

Contact Name: Kevin Sigmon

Contact Email:

Contact Address: P.O. Box 769

Abingdon, VA 24212

Contact Phone: 276-623-3412

Contact Info: Bill Worrell, Extension Agent, 276-889-8056, Kevin Heath, Civil Engineer, 276-236-4588, Measured in 2008 by Jeff Kirwan and Bill Worrell.


Original Nominator(s): Jacob Heath

Additional Information

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