Tree Information

Common Name: Arizona cypress

Scientific Name: Hesperocyparis arizonica (syn. Cupressus arizonica)

Native/Naturalized: Native to North America

Database ID: 1488

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 99 in.

Height: 73 ft.

Crown: 40 ft.

Points: 182

Date Last Measured: 2019

Last Measured by: Davis Camalier, Greg Zell

Date First Measured: 2009

Comments: The tree appears healthy and sound, growing in a grove of other conifers. The tree has the ID 1146 in the arboretum system.

2019 Update: The tree appears well and has been maintained by the staff. The tree has had extensive pruning in the understory of the crown.

D. Camalier Jun-19

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Clarke

State Map

Land Owner: State Arboretum of Virginia

GPS Coordinates: 39.064075, -78.066226

Directions: Located at the above address in the conifer grove, south of rock wall at Dogwood Lane.

Owner Address: 400 Blandy Farm Lane

Boyce, VA 22620

Contact Information

Contact Name: T'ai H. Roulston

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 540-837-1758

Contact Info: T'ai H. Roulston, Curator, 540 837-1758 ext. 276


Original Nominator(s): Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson, Jeff Kirwan

Additional Information

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