Tree Information

Common Name: yellowwood

Scientific Name: Cladrastis kentukea

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 1668

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 137 in.

Height: 62 ft.

Crown: 51 ft.

Points: 212

Date Last Measured: 2020

Last Measured by: Ben Blankenship and Stuart Blankenship

Date First Measured: 2010

Comments: The tree has serious trunk and lower leader damage (as noted in the 2010 measurements). The owner informed me that the tree has lost several limbs over the years (resulting in crownspan decrease). Despite this, the canopy remains green and the tree has grown since last measured. It is however at high risk of stem breakage during wind events due to the trunk damage. Trunk forks into 3 leaders below 4.5' above ground, which is common in the species. Trunk measured at smallest girth, which was at 3' above ground.

B. Blankenship Apr-20

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Hanover

State Map

Land Owner: Linda Toney

GPS Coordinates: 37.62452, -77.382841

Owner Email:

Directions: Tree is to the left side of the front yard as you look at the property from Mayfield Lane.

Owner Address: 8211 North Mayfield Lane

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Contact Information

Contact Name: Eric Wiseman

Contact Email:

Contact Info: Last measured in 2010 by Joshua Willis at 125", 60', 60', 200 points.


Original Nominator(s): Linda Toney

Additional Information

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