Tree Information

Common Name: striped maple

Scientific Name: Acer pensylvanicum

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 1692

Status: alive

National Champion: yes

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 43 in.

Height: 51 ft.

Crown: 31 ft.

Points: 102

Date Last Measured: 2020

Last Measured by: Lara Johnson, Meredith Bean

Date First Measured: 2010

Comments: Declared state champion when discovered in 2010. Declared national co-champion in 2019, sharing title with a tree in Connecticut. Current all-time largest documented specimen of the species in the state. The tree appears healthy and sound.

2020 Update: Canopy is half dead. Difficult to take good photos because of understory growth. See photos. Notified DCR staff about these trees and they are going to flag them and had no knowledge of them prior to our remeasurements. They are right in a utility easement. DCR is going to flag this area as a sensitive habitat moving forward.

Measured in 2010 by Carmean, Williamson, and Kirwan at 38", 49' 28', 94 points.

L. Johnson Jul-20

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Grayson

State Map

Land Owner: State of Virginia - Dept. of Conservation and Recreation

GPS Coordinates: 36.62793, -81.51508

Directions: Grayson Highlands State Park. To left of stables (as viewed from parking lot) and down hill near powerline right-of-way.

Owner Address: 829 Grayson Highland Ln

Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363

Owner Phone: 276-579-7092

Contact Information

Contact Name: Marceia Holland

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 276-579-7092

Contact Info: Marceia Holland - Park Manager - Grayson Highlands State Park


Original Nominator(s): Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson, and Jeff Kirwan

Additional Information

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