Tree Information

Common Name: European hornbeam

Scientific Name: Carpinus betulus

Native/Naturalized: Naturalized

Database ID: 1787

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 212 in.

Height: 59 ft.

Crown: 73 ft.

Points: 289

Date Last Measured: 2021

Last Measured by: Jared Manzo

Date First Measured: 2011

Comments: This tree is in good condition. Circumference was measured at 6 inches above ground line.

Two large hornbeams flank the slope at the front of Rosemont Manor. They were likely planted about 200 years ago when the home was constructed. Only one remains. Tree was thought to be an American hornbeam for many years and was crowned the national champion. State of Vermont contested the species identification and asked for a tissue sample. They determined it was European hornbeam. Located at historic Rosemont Manor. History of the estate is here.

Tree was previously measured at 209", 67', 78' and 296 points by Byron Carmean, Carrie Blair, Jeff Kirwan and Gary Williamson in 2011.

Jared Manzo. June 2021.

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Clarke

State Map

Land Owner: William Genda

GPS Coordinates: 39.156847, -77.992763

Directions: Rosemont Manor, to the left as one exits front door of the Manor on the slope. (East corner of the mansion)

Owner Address: 16 Rosemont Manor Ln

Berryville, VA 22611

Owner Phone: 540-955-2834

Contact Information

Contact Name: William Genda

Contact Email:


Original Nominator(s): Byron Carmean, Carrie Blair, Jeff Kirwan, and Gary Williamson

Additional Information

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