Tree Information

Common Name: blackjack oak

Scientific Name: Quercus marilandica

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 1960

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 126 in.

Height: 80 ft.

Crown: 79 ft.

Points: 226

Date Last Measured: 2022

Last Measured by: Rod Simmons

Date First Measured: 2012

2022 update: The Army Navy Country Club is very proud of this tree and has installed a nice interpretive plaque with its designation (see attached photos). The tree is completely healthy and is growing in the open. This would explain why the tree has increased in girth over the last 10 years relative to the two City of Alexandria Quercus marilandica in more shaded conditions. The large size of this tree for the species indicates that it contains a bit of Quercus velutina – a conclusion that very much occurred to me 10 years ago when first measuring it. However, leaves, buds, and fruits consistently and strongly place it as mostly Q. marilandica, so it is more than fair to keep it as such in the big tree register.

2012 update: Old age specimen growing on high dry ridge of golf course property along side of road. Appears to be part of original flora of site and is healthy. No known historical significance. Measured by Greg Zell and Rod Simmons, circumference of 122"", height of 77', and crown width of 72'. Total of 207 points.

G. Zell, Top (2012) R. Simmons (2022)

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Arlington

State Map

Land Owner: Army Navy Country Club

GPS Coordinates: 38.85615, -77.08052

Owner Email: robert.wilbur@ancc,org

Directions: Just inside entrance to Army Navy Country Club along main drive.

Owner Address: 1700 Army Navy Dr.

Arlington, VA, 22202

Contact Information

Contact Name: Vincent Verweij

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 2700 S Taylor Street

Arlington, VA 22206

Contact Phone: 703-228-1863

Contact Info: Vincent Verweij Urban Forest Manager Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation Cell: 571-436-0038


Original Nominator(s): Greg Zell

Other Nominators: Rod Simmons

Additional Information

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