Tree Information

Common Name: osage-orange

Scientific Name: Maclura pomifera

Native/Naturalized: Native to North America

Status: alive

National Champion: yes

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 328 in.

Height: 65 ft.

Crown: 93 ft.

Points: 416

Date Last Measured: 2017

Last Measured by: Eric Wiseman and David Formella

Date First Measured: 1970

One of the most revered trees in the Virginia Big Tree Register. This tree has been the national champion at one time or another for over 50 years. Recognized in 2019 as the national co-champion, sharing title with a tree in Delaware. Was recognized as national champ in 1969-1971, 1972-1982, 1994-2002. Featured in the summer 2003 edition of American Forests magazine. Located on the grounds of the Patrick Henry National Memorial, owned by the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation. Patrick Henry purchased Red Hill Plantation at his retirement in 1794 and occupied it until his death in 1799. The tree is rumored to be over 300 years old and a favorite resting spot of Patrick Henry in his retirement years, but there is no documentation of the tree's age.

Due to the tree's atypical trunk comprising multiple stems, it was remeasured in 2017 under the advisement of American Forests using an alternative trunk measuring technique. As a result, the tree decreased in points from 431 to 416. Documentation of these measurements is on file with the VA Big Tree Program. A group of arborists from Virginia Tech and the Lynchburg area donated a day of service for the tree in October 2017 to prune the tree, service the support cables, and upgrade the lightning protection system

More Photos

Top photo Alex Cassell (2016), Bottom photos Eric Wiseman (2017)

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Charlotte

State Map

Land Owner: Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation

GPS Coordinates: 37.03243, -78.89777

Directions: Actually located "behind the house" because the original entryway to the house was from the Staunton River. However, the tree now appears to be "in front of the house" because it is conspicuous as you approach the house from the visitor's center.

Owner Address: 1250 Red Hill Rd

Brookneal, VA 24528-3302

Owner Phone: 434-376-2044

Contact Information

Contact Name: Hope Marstin

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 1250 Red Hill Road

Brookneal, VA 24528-3302

Contact Phone: 434-376-2044

Contact Info: Eric Wiseman, Virginia Big Tree Program Coordinator,


Original Nominator(s): Mabel O. Bellwood

Other Nominators: John McCormick

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