Tree Information

Common Name: white spruce

Scientific Name: Picea glauca

Native/Naturalized: Native to North America

Database ID: 2043

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 59 in.

Height: 79 ft.

Crown: 19 ft.

Points: 143

Date Last Measured: 2023

Last Measured by: Alex Adams

Date First Measured: 2013

2023: Dieback and decline of lower branches. Medium-sized hanging dead branches. The top of the tree is receiving direct sunlight, but the majority of the tree is shaded out by the neighboring sugar maple.
2013: This tree is healthy and as happy as a white spruce can be in Virginia. Circumference 57', height 70', crown spread 22', total points 132.

Alex Adams August 2023

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Montgomery

State Map

Land Owner: Virginia Tech - Blacksburg

GPS Coordinates: 37.224110, -80.428958

Directions: On the lawn of The Grove, home of the President of Virginia Tech. visible from the intersection of Duck Pond Dr. and Smithfield Rd.

Contact Information

Contact Name: John Peterson

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 228 Cheatham Hall

Blacksburg, VA 24061

Contact Phone: 504-231-8942


Original Nominator(s): John Peterson

Other Nominators: David Walker

Additional Information

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