Tree Information

Common Name: blackhaw

Scientific Name: Viburnum prunifolium

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 2302

Status: alive

National Champion: yes

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 90 in.

Height: 30 ft.

Crown: 33 ft.

Points: 128

Date Last Measured: 2024

Last Measured by: Jon and Yvonne Rockett

Date First Measured: 2014

2024 comments: Tree has a split in the trunk with a two functioning braces, a rod and a cable. The original, rod noted in 2014 comments, has become detected at one end resulting from decay. There also appears to have been a significant amount of dead limb pruning over time which has reduced the crown spread. Composite circumference at 4.5 feet is 76.84 based on five stem measurements (36, 18.8, 38, 30.5, 43.5). This would result in 115 total pts and change status of national and state championship.

2014 comments: First declared national champion in 2017 and recognized in 2018 as national co-champion with tree in Albemarle County, VA. Trunk was measured at 12" above ground, below split trunk. The tree appears healthy. Fruiting. A brace rod was installed, but doesn't close the split above 1'. Measured in 2014 by Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson. Circumference: 80", Height: 31', Crown: 37', Points: 120.

J. Rockett 04/09/2024

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Charlotte

State Map

Land Owner: Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation

GPS Coordinates: 37.03241, -78.89748

Owner Email:

Directions: Tree is located approximately 90 feet east of the national champion osage-orange tree in front of Patrick Henry's home.

Owner Address: 1250 Red Hill Rd

Brookneal, VA 24528-2044

Owner Phone: 434-376-2044

Contact Information

Contact Name: Hope Marstin

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 434-376-2044


Original Nominator(s): Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson

Other Nominators: Jon Rockett

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