Tree Information

Common Name: fire cherry

Scientific Name: Prunus pensylvanica

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Status: dead

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: no

Circumference: 45 in.

Height: 51 ft.

Crown: 27 ft.

Points: 103

Date Last Measured: 2019

Last Measured by: John Seiler

Date First Measured: 2019

Comments: John Seiler of Virginia Tech noticed the union of the codominant leaders had begun to deteriorate due to sapwood rot. One leader failed during 2020 and the second leader failed during 2021. The hope is to cultivate a stump sprout into a new leader.

Tree was grown from seed by the owner. One side of dominant stem is infected with a canker, which has killed cambium. A composite measurement was calculated for the trunk using measurements of each stem at 4.5' above ground (33" and 31").

J. Seiler January 2019

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Montgomery

State Map

Land Owner: John Seiler

GPS Coordinates: 37.17731, -80.42303

Directions: Facing the house it is on the left side of yard.

Owner Address: 250 Virginian Drive

Christiansburg, VA

Contact Information

Contact Name: John Seiler

Contact Email:


Original Nominator(s): John Seiler

Additional Information

I.D. Fact Sheet

Landowner Fact Sheet

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