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Common Name: mockernut hickory

Scientific Name: Carya tomentosa (syn. Carya alba)

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 2696

Status: alive

National Champion: yes

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 173 in.

Height: 140 ft.

Crown: 85 ft.

Points: 334

Date Last Measured: 2019

Last Measured by: Landon Webb, Brian Josey, Beth Cantrell

Date First Measured: 2019


2021 update: This tree was crowned sole national champion by American Forests in 2021

Tree appears healthy and good condition. Tree is triple-stemmed, forking about 7' above ground. There is a bark inclusion extending to ground line. The inclusion is fused on two sides of the trunk, but a seam and decay are present on the other side of the trunk. Whether this growth habit resulted from stump sprouting after prior timber harvest, or damage to the leader of the young seedling, is unknown. Trunk circumference measured at 4.5' above ground.

The height is extraordinary, but was carefully measured with a laser hypsometer from multiple vantage points in both summer and fall. The reported height is the average of these multiple measurements. Good soils and sheltered topography have contributed to its height. It is in a mature mixed hardwood stand and reasonable measures will be taken to protect the tree in the future.

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L. Webb Jun-19

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Caroline

State Map

Land Owner: United States Army

GPS Coordinates: 38.14338, -77.24929

Owner Email:

Directions: Fort A. P. Hill. The tree is located in the woods of Training Area 20B. Near intersection of Wilcox and Gregg Road. Access to this area is restricted. Visitation is generally prohibited and re-measure will need to be coordinated through Jason Applegate, or Fort A.P. Hill Forestry.

Owner Address: Bldg 308 13832 Anderson Camp

Fort A.P. Hill, VA 22427

Owner Phone: 804-633-8465

Contact Information

Contact Name: Jason Applegate

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (804) 633-8465 or (8

Contact Info: Beth Cantrell Phone number: (804) 633-8503 Email address:


Original Nominator(s): Beth Cantrell, Brian Josey, Kyle Rhodes, Sean Robertson

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