Tree Information

Common Name: Ludwig's oak

Scientific Name: Quercus xludoviciana

Native/Naturalized: Native to North America

Database ID: 2831

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 90 in.

Height: 44 ft.

Crown: 68 ft.

Points: 151

Date Last Measured: 2019

Last Measured by: Jeanette Navia, Ricklin Brown, Glenda White, Judy Jones, Connie Reitz, Adrienne Frank, Alice Kopinitz, Seig Kopinitz

Date First Measured: 2019

Comments: Tree is healthy and away from encroachment. Maintained by Colonial Williamsburg landscaping staff and arborist.

Comments from Ricklin Brown about the tree:
I visited the site with Bob McCartney on March 14, 2020. He verified its identify and confirmed that he personally propagated and planted the tree in its present location in the 1970s. Bob left Colonial Williamsburg, where he served as Landscape Biologist, over 40 years ago and founded Woodlanders Nursery in Aiken, South Carolina in 1980. He is a nationally recognized authority on plants and woody shrubs. Over the years there has been some confusion regarding the hybrid’s parentage, but it is now accepted to be a cross of Q. phellos (willow oak) and Q. pagoda (cherrybark oak).

An interesting synopsis of the hybrid is provided by the International Oak Society on their website:

J. Navia Sep-19

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: City of Williamsburg

State Map

Land Owner: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

GPS Coordinates: 37.277509, -76.701141

Directions: At the far end of the parking lot in the Good Hopes Plantation at Colonial Williamsburg, across the street (132Y) from the Visitors Center.

Owner Address: PO Box 1776

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Owner Phone: 804-832-7455

Contact Information

Contact Name: Charles Gardner

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 804-832-7455

Contact Info: Charles is the arborist at Colonial Williamsburg


Original Nominator(s): Charles Gardner

Additional Information

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