Tree Information

Common Name: Fraser photinia

Scientific Name: Photinia xfraseri

Native/Naturalized: Not Naturalized

Database ID: 2930

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 92 in.

Height: 32 ft.

Crown: 49 ft.

Points: 136

Date Last Measured: 2021

Last Measured by: Ben & Stuart Blankenship

Date First Measured: 2021

Comments: The tree is in good health. Trunk circumference was measured 10 inches above the ground (narrowest point between ground and trunk split). Multi-stemmed form is very common in this species. It appears to be generally unaffected by leaf spot, which tends to run in this species. It is a really impressive example of this species. It was probably planted in the 1980's or the 1990's.

This species is unique because during its blooming season, the younger leaves appear red and slowly fade to green. This is what gives it the name "Redtip Photinia".

Ben Blankenship. October 2021.

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Chesterfield

State Map

Land Owner: Dominion Behavioral Network

GPS Coordinates: 37.500572, -77.608426

Directions: Located on the right side of the brick building, when viewed from the parking lot.

Owner Address: 707 N Courthouse Rd

North Chesterfield, VA 23236

Owner Phone: 804-332-5696

Contact Information

Contact Name: Ben Blankenship

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 500 Winamack Ct

Midlothian, VA 23114

Contact Phone: 804-245-5013


Original Nominator(s): Ben Blankenship

Other Nominators: Stuart Blankenship

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