Tree Information

Common Name: eastern white pine

Scientific Name: Pinus strobus

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 583

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 182 in.

Height: 138 ft.

Crown: 69 ft.

Points: 337

Date Last Measured: 2024

Last Measured by: Alex Adams and John Peterson

Date First Measured: Unknown

2024 comments: This tree suffered a catastrophic failure. One of the very large branches ripped away, cleaving the bole to below DBH. The remainder of the tree is alive but leaning.

2023 update: The owner reported that during a high wind event in early spring 2023, one of the large low branches broke and tore out of the trunk at its union. When the branch broke, it sheared off deeply into the trunk. The tree still stands, but its long-term health and stability are likely compromised.

2013 update: Tree is healthy. Landowners requested that it not be cut. The landowner was raised on this land and built a home there in 2010 that overlooks the tree in its forest setting. The tree was a new state & all-time champion when remeasured in 2013. Measured by Jordan Endahl in 2013. Circumference: 192", Height: 130', Crown: 68', Points: 339.

More Photos

A. Adams 03/29/2024

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Smyth

State Map

Land Owner: Jonathan Blevins and Stacie Blevins Jackson

GPS Coordinates: 36.825167, -81.581158

Owner Email: private

Directions: Just past 290 Blake Rd is an old cinder block garage. Follow the logging trail down the hill past the garage to the stream crossing. Go right (west) along the stream approx. 100 yds. Tree is located on small bluff on left. Middle Fork of Holston River. Tree is visible above all other trees from the road to the left of 321 Blake Rd.

Walk down the steep hill to the old farm road and follow that road further down the hill to the creek valley. Follow the creek to the right until you see the big white pine up on the hill to the left. The family heavily hunts this valley, and it is probably best to completely avoid it during hunting season.

Owner Address: 203 Wassona Cir.

Marion, VA 24354

Owner Phone: 276-706-1641

Contact Information

Contact Name: Dennis York

Contact Address: P. O. Box 978

Abingdon, Virginia 24212

Contact Info: Denis York: Virginia Department of Forestry (retired). Dale Blevins is also listed as owner.


Original Nominator(s): Dennis York and Brian Ledford

Other Nominators: Alex Adams and John Peterson

Additional Information

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