Tree Information

Common Name: saucer magnolia

Scientific Name: Magnolia xsoulangeana

Native/Naturalized: Not Naturalized

Database ID: 750

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 144 in.

Height: 41 ft.

Crown: 53 ft.

Points: 198

Date Last Measured: 2019

Last Measured by: Ben Blankenship

Date First Measured: 2006

Comments: A multi-trunk tree with indications of some rot on the inside where the four large limbs of the trunk separate.

2019 Update: Tree still appears fairly healthy, despite decay between the four major stems. Height was a few feet shorter because a more precise laser hypsometer was used in 2019. Trunk circumference was measured at 2.5 feet above ground due to the splitting of four large leaders.

Ben Blankenship Jan-19

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: City of Richmond

State Map

Land Owner: Hollywood Cemetery

GPS Coordinates: 37.53407, -77.45773

Owner Email:

Directions: Hollywood Cemetery near intersection of Jeter Ave. and Monroe Ave. Next to the Angel monument.

Owner Address: 412 South Cherry St

Richmond, VA 23220

Contact Information

Contact Name: Eric Wiseman

Contact Email:


Original Nominator(s): Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson

Other Nominators: Jerry Wyatt, Christina Woodson, Tracy Brockwell, Kelli Armes, Ben Blankenship, Stuart Blankenship, Emma Blankenship

Additional Information

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