Tree Information

Common Name: slippery elm

Scientific Name: Ulmus rubra

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Database ID: 840

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 247 in.

Height: 108 ft.

Crown: 74 ft.

Points: 374

Date Last Measured: 2021

Last Measured by: Jared Manzo

Date First Measured: 2005

Comments: Tree is in good condition. No significant signs of decay present (2021).

Species identification of this tree is not conclusive at this time. Chris Lewis (consulting arborist) believes it is slippery (red) elm based on fruit samples. Dr. John Seiler (Virginia Tech dendrologist) cannot rule out a European variety based on the samples he examined. It was the largest specimen of the species ever documented by the program as of 2021.

The tree has significant cultural status in the community. Tree is reported to be protected by the Virginia Preservation Society. Much lore surrounds the tree as it is believed to be a witness tree of the Civil War, although no documentation of its age is known. An essay about the tree was posted on Facebook by ""Winchester Tales"" in November 2020:

Tree was previously measured at 236"", 108', 91' and 367 points in 2011 by Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson, and Jeff Kirwan.

Top. D Shade. June 2007. Middle. G Williamson. December 2011. Bottom Two. Jared Manzo. June 2021

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: City of Winchester

State Map

Land Owner: Mount Hebron Cemetery

GPS Coordinates: 39.18251, -78.15947

Owner Email:

Directions: Take Boscawen St. east into Mt. Hebron Cemetery, through the archway to the corner.

Owner Address: 305 E Boscawen St

Winchester, VA 22601

Owner Phone: 540-662-4868

Contact Information

Contact Name: Donald Shade

Contact Email:

Contact Info: Chris Lewis, consulting arborist,


Original Nominator(s): Donald Shade

Additional Information

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