Tree Information

Common Name: river birch

Scientific Name: Betula nigra

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Status: dead

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: no

Circumference: 177 in.

Height: 72 ft.

Crown: 47 ft.

Points: 261

Date Last Measured: 2017

Last Measured by: Greg Zell

Date First Measured: 2007

Comments: October 2017 report by Greg Zell: Tree was found on the ground two days ago while leading a hike. Was told that the land owner's (condo assoc.) had the tree taken down after receiving an arborist opinion that it had died. It had been is state of slow deterioration for the past several years and was largely hollow. This River Birch is a remnant from the old floodplain forest along 4 Mile Run, and was almost destroyed by the construction of a townhome community next to a wetland. Even though it has lost one main stem, it is still a remarkably large specimen. 2017: Condition and health appear unchanged from 2007. This old-age specimen is largely hollow and one major stem near the base was lost many years ago. About 30% of the crown is dead wood, but lower branches seem healthy and are producing ample leaves. Proximity to shared border with townhome community may raise future concerns if specimen deteriorates rapidly. Old-age remnant of historical wetlands at site, most of which was lost through development and fill in the 1970's. CBH measurement was taken at 2', below former main stem. Tree originally was a double-stem tree, but not a stump sprout. Note: When development occured in the 1970's, approximately 5-6' of fill was placed around the tree, i.e. the original base of the tree was much lower than measurements indicate. It is surprising that the tree survived this treatment many years ago.


Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Arlington

State Map

Land Owner: Arlington County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources

GPS Coordinates: 38.84716, -77.10041

Owner Email:

Directions: In Barcroft Park in south Arlington. Tree is growing at the edge of an historic wetland about 40' off a paved bike trail and near the shared border with a private townhome community.

Owner Address: 2700 South Taylor St.

Arlington, VA. 22206

Owner Phone: 703-228-6525

Contact Information

Contact Name: Vincent Verweij

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 2700 South Taylor St.

Arlington, VA. 22206

Contact Phone: 703-228-6525

Contact Info: 2007 measured by Greg Zell and John Parrish


Original Nominator(s): Greg Zell

Other Nominators: John Parrish

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