Tree Information

Common Name: post oak

Scientific Name: Quercus stellata

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Status: alive

National Champion: no

Virginia Champion: no

Circumference: 225 in.

Height: 72 ft.

Crown: 115 ft.

Points: 326

Date Last Measured: 2022

Last Measured by: Joel Koci and Mary-Ellen Burnette

Date First Measured: 1986

2022 update from Joel Koci: This oak has very good leaf retention and distribution. And very good color. Four of the scaffold limbs show stress fractures and need an end reduction prune. There are old storm damage stubs that should be cut back to the callus area (not into the callus growth). The old house under this tree was demolished recently. This activity gouged up some roots and about 40% of the root zone soil. Overall, this tree is in GOOD health and a wood chip mulch under the canopy would aid this tree tremendously.

2012 update: Fairly healthy. One large dead branch and some spotting on the leaves. Last measured in 2012 by Landon Webb and Brittney Chitwood at 210"" 68', 112', 306 points.

Tree is located on a property known historically as Dry Run Farm. According to a map and narrative written in 1950 by heir and owner at that time (William Gerow Christian Jr.), the land was part of a grant from the King of England to Peter Deppé, Sr. At the time the 1950 map was made, the tree's trunk measured 15'9"". An email to the big tree program in April 2004 from Steve Riethmiller indicated that he was a son-in-law of the landowners at that time. He indicated that his father-in-law, who died aged 96 in 1998, well remembered the tree in his youth when he used to rest the plow horses under it, and the tree looked exactly the same then (1910s??) as in 1998.

Top. L. Webb. 2012. Middle. M. Burnette. 2022. Map photos: Lindsey Katherman

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Powhatan

State Map

Land Owner: BK Katherman and Lindsey Katherman

GPS Coordinates: 37.5387, -77.712783

Owner Email: Private

Directions: Local address is 950 Dalmore Drive. Three miles north of intersection of Routes 60 and 607, on the west side of 607. The tree is about 1 mile up the drive on the right of the asphalt drive. It is the only solitary tree along the drive.

Owner Address: Private

Contact Information

Contact Name: Joel Koci

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 11349 Saddlewood Lane

Rockville, VA

Contact Phone: 804-640-6723

Contact Info: Former owner of this property was Dr. and Mrs. W.G. Christian. Tom Walker was given as a contact to get in touch with Dr. Christian. His number is in the hard copies. Paul Geyer was a VDOF forester in Powhatan County.


Original Nominator(s): Paul B. Geyer, Jim Timberlake

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