Tree Information

Common Name: Alleghany serviceberry

Scientific Name: Amelanchier laevis

Native/Naturalized: Native to Virginia

Status: alive

National Champion: yes

Virginia Champion: yes

Circumference: 108 in.

Height: 41 ft.

Crown: 50 ft.

Points: 162

Date Last Measured: 2017

Last Measured by: Eric Wiseman

Date First Measured: 2005

Comments: Declared national champion in 2018. Partly hollow, safe in pasture field. It's curious how this tree was spared the ax when the entirety of the surrounding ridge was cleared for pasture. Perhaps it was viewed as worthless for timber or perhaps they enjoyed the floral display in spring. It doesn't seem like the tree accidentally sprouted on the ridge line after the pasture was cleared. Trunk circumference was measured at smallest girth between breast height and ground line (2.75') because there was a cluster of branches at breast height. Height measured with laser hypsometer.

More Photos

Eric Wiseman April 2017

Location of Tree

Tree is located in: Floyd

State Map

Land Owner: Dianne Ham

GPS Coordinates: 36.804417, -80.437375

Directions: Nearest address to tree is 2930 Conner Grove Road SW Willis, VA 24380. When visiting this tree, carry brush ax or machete because it is surrounded by briers.

Owner Address: on file

Owner Phone: on file

Contact Information

Contact Name: Eric Wiseman

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 540-231-5148


Original Nominator(s): Dennis Anderson

Additional Information

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